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The Alps are probably the best mountaineering playground in the world having relatively easy access to some of the most beautiful mountains. They are also blessed with favourable weather and an abundance of well documented routes on rock, snow, and ice. Mountaineering in the Alps started in the late 19th century with ascents of Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn, the Jungfrau, and the Grandes Jorasses to name but a few famous peaks. Now all the alpine peaks have been climbed by numerous routes, which are all documented, giving us a many opportunities for great climbing objectives. The main reasons that you might want to use me are that: -

I know the alpine region well and can put together a realistic itinerary. By considering your fitness and experience, conditions of the mountains, and the forecast you can maximise your time away and enjoy the mountains to the full.
I can not only make your time in the mountains more comfortable but also much safer.
I can show you modern safety techniques used. For example alpine rope work, glacier travel, personal mountaineering skills such as crampon and axe work, navigation.

Local Venues
Swiss Valais: This is a great area giving us exciting objectives like the Matterhorn, Dent Blanche, Weishorn, Zinal Rothorn, Obel Gabelhorn, and many other technical (AD by easiest route) 4000m peaks. This is also a great area for climbing easier alpine peaks (e.g. Pigne d'Arolla, Weismies, Lagginhorn).
Swiss Oberland: An enormous mountainous region with big objectives such as the Eiger Jungfrau, Monch, Finsteraarhorn and the remote Bietchshorn.
Urner Alps. Central Switzerland has probably some of the best alpine rock routes in the Alps. The Graue Wand, Kingspitz, Salbitschen, are just a few stunning examples of high caliber committing alpine rock routes.
Chamonix Mont Blanc: The mecca of alpine rock and Grandes Courses such as the North face of the Droites, Dru, Grandes Jorrasses. An ascent of Mont Blanc being the highest (and busiest) peak in the Alps is a great challenge.
Grand Paradiso: A very beautiful Italian Park with good alpine peaks and a incredible array of flora and fauna. The Grand Paradiso peak (4000m) is the only 4000m Italian peak that Italy doesn't share with another country and is a popular pilgrimage for the Italians. Great area for ski touring too. Other peaks in the region are rarely climbed, and have a wild and remote feel.
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