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Ice Climbing in the Chamonix
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Chamonix is the most famous alpine resort and hosts some great ice climbs. Unfortunately most are over popular and you can run into difficulties with other climbers who have already bagged the route. One of my golden rules is that I will never climb under another party as even the best ice climber can unwittingly knock off a huge diner plate of ice. It doesn't take much ice to serious injure a climber.

It does however have some quieter corners to offer and if it is a little off season I do venture into the valley. Some of the climbs around the Argentiere glacier are world class climbs but can have objective dangers from serac fall and avalanche.

Trient just over the border in Switzerland has some great climbs to offer in the Trient gorge and above the Trient Glacier.

The snout of the mer de glace is also a fantastic venue being a very atmospheric gorge with some stiff climbs.

Chamonix is particular good for it's mountain couloirs. Thin streaks of ice that split impenetrable granite cliffs. The cliffs of Mont Blanc de Tacul and Pre de Bar are some of the more famous of these climbs.

I use the Hotel Dahu in Argentiere when based in the Chamonix valley. It is a very comfortable hotel with excellent restaurant and is very popular with the locals.

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