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Updated: 6 December 2013

2013 started with fantastic snow conditions for the winter and spring, so much powder that we never really got to ski any spring snow, quite incredible.
The ice climbing season was no slouch either giving us a late but cold and reliable period of ice with many low lying routes in great condition.
After the spring we made an expedition to Denali for the Denali IFMGA expedition symposium. This was very successful in term of political relationships to the Denali park and government, work shopping of expedition techniques, and even all of us made the summit. A great trip in perfect conditions.
The summer proved to be a big success as well. The stormy spring and early summer gave the glaciers plentiful snow to make good snow bridges and safe conditions high up. Although not without avalanche danger in June when the temperatures rose significantly.
Since the end of the season a quick trip new routing in Ireland paid dividends with a handful of high quality new routes climbed on the perfect granite at Cuit Island.
And more recently a trip to Sardinia with the local Swiss guides made a relaxing end to the summers activities.
The snow has arrived in the Alps and skiing and ice climbing tours are on there way.
I wish you a good winter and please let me know if I can be of assistance to help you achieve you ice climbing, alpine climbing, ski touring and off piste ski goals.
Terry 6th December 2013

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