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Ski Touring, Off Piste Skiing and Avalanche Awareness Courses
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Off Piste Skiing
Bored of the piste's? Do you want to go somewhere special in search of untracked powder, then this is the activity for you. Based in Switzerland close to the Mont Blanc Massif, we can use the extensive local lift systems to give us the height to access some of the quieter valleys and runs in search of powder.
We  have access to the major Swiss ski resorts of Glacier 3000, Diablerets, Verbier, Gstaad and Villars which give excellent off piste skiing which are extremely quiet and give a remote feel which can sometimes be lacking in the busy Chamonix valley.
Off piste skiing is a big step up from skiing on the piste. Ski technique is something that I take seriously and I can give valuable lessons on how to get the most out of your off piste skiing.
January and February is the perfect time to ski off-piste with a good base of snow established in January, but still being cold enough to give stunning light powder. If you can ski down red runs in control and with confidence, then there is probably a whole world of skiing that you are missing.

Ski Touring
Ski touring is by far the most efficient way to see the alpine mountains (it is faster than running, but with the effort of only walking). Ski touring gives you the freedom to enjoy back country wilderness away from the crowded pistes and take advantage of skiing slopes piste skiers can only dream about.

Day ski tours and/or hut to hut haute routes can be arranged in a variety of regions. Probably the most famous ski tour is the “Haute Route” from Chamonix to Zermatt, but this is just a taster to the wonderful places that ski touring opens up. The number of tours available are too numerous to mention here but really good areas to visit are Switzerland (Valais, Central, Oberland, Chablais), Italy (Grand Paradiso, Gressoney, Cervinia, St Jacques, Alagna), and France (Chamonix, La Grave, Saint Jacques).

Avalanche Awareness for Back Country Skiers
These courses are designed for the back country skier to give them a greater awareness in the dangers of avalanche and rescue procedures should you become involved in an avalanche incident.

I can supply avalanche transceivers shovels and probes (essential off piste safety equipment) for every skier in the group. Instruction is given in how to use these tools.

Ski courses and itineraries are arranged by demand. Please contact me for details on current courses that I have open.

A varied selection on ski touring courses and off piste skiing courses can be found at the International School of Mountaineering ism

Time Period: January to May for Off Piste Skiing, and March, April and May for ski touring in the Alps.

Download Ski Touring Equipment list